Raising Ravens – Moshpit

Raising Ravens are on the road to tour their new single Vexed and upcoming album next year. I rocked up to the Moshpit to see them with Nunchukka Superfly and Particles.


A short set by Particles tonight, but plenty powerful enough to wobble the sock elastics. No surprises from this intense duo – just pure unadulterated dirgy, heavy, heavy rock.

Sample them here.

Nunchukka Superfly

I’ve been meaning to catch this trio for years and now they are out and playing up a storm in every venue near you. Bass (Ray Ahn), drums and guitar (Peter Black) crank up the room with a truckload of smash, bash and grAAAnnnkkks in a kinda prog rock way that is heavy as fuck.

It’s all about the instruments, with minimal vocals just riding above the wave of metal infused psych rock that funnelled down the Moshpit bar corridor.

Listen here.

Raising Ravens

After dribs and drabs of false starts, a few modified gigs through the pestilence times, Raising Ravens are finally on the road in full band, with full noise and in full flight.

The set was made up of a collection of songs that Jess Finlayson has been doggedly creating over the last little while; and in the tight trio of drum, bass and guitar they delivered the 90’s power, guitar driven rock, and even a few laughs to an appreciative crowd.

Guitar was front and centre tonight with the tube screamer pedal getting a good work out, pounding out some meaty guitar chords and thrashy riffs; all held up by a pounding engine room of bass and drum; just to round out the sound – and it was all loud on the south king street front.

Have a listen to new single Vexed, here.

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