Whopping Big Naughty – The Moshpit

Back on the stomp to cause a bit of afternoon chaos, Whopping Big Naughty are back at the Moshpit in an arvo show with The Hot Ness and Hari Kari

Hari Kari

I only managed to catch the last few of songs from these guys playing a couple of classic oz pub rock covers (Angels – you guess the song!) and a rather grungy ABBA cover! – who would have thought.

Cross the 80s and 90s sounds of Ratcat, Glide and Wipe and you are starting to get a bit of an idea of what these 5 young guys are up to. Oh yeah, and add a bit of Silverchair to round things out.

Have a little listen here.

The Hot Ness

Starting to get a run up of local shows, The Hot Ness (playing as The Hot Mess for a short while) like to switch up their line-up to keep you guessing. This arvo we got a four piece with extra plus guitars to the thumping bass and drums.

The lineup added a little more chaos and attack to the already heavy, heavy distortion that drove the set of deep, dark, dirgy numbers. Everything was anchored by an underlying punk anger that just seethed and bubbled along through the songs, with Edie Harkin on bass almost spitting out vocals at the crowd.

There was a raucously noisy cover of Mudhoney’s Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More, and a huge, dirgy jam of a song to wrap the set up in a mess of screaming, tortured guitars, complete with a few guitar hero antics by John Fenton (sometimes on drums).

Have a taste of them here.

Whopping Big Naughty

Back on the scene to continue their rampage of slacker lo-fi punk, The Whoppers are back and make no excuses.

Cornerstone guitar and vocals Justin Credible aka Stanley Claret, hasn’t changed his approach in the band since the 90s, just adding more to the songs to the collection, and collecting a few wrinkles and grey hairs on the way (but don’t we all).

The set was a noisy, sloppy and lovable mess that just oozed punk rock history from one of the seminal (very) underground 90s punk rock outfits. With shades of J Mascis guitar riffs and raw lyrics that come from the belly of the beast and exit with no filter – there is no pretence here – just honest unfiltered day to day thoughts.

Give ’em a listen here.

BEWARE! – the Brown Note cometh – and its only 4 in the afternoon.

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