Big Scary – Factory Theatre

After a pandemic and a baby, Big Scary are back after a 5 year wait to tour their album Daisy. They start their tour tonight at the Factory Theatre in Marrickville, supported by Beckah Amani.

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Beckah Amani

Beckah Amani quietly walks on to the stage and humbly announces her presence. Seeming a little nervous, but also very excited, it’s just her and a guitar to start the night off.

Her set is full of considered songs about melancholy, life breakups, impending climate warnings and the racism she has experienced in her life, growing up. All sounds a little maudlin, but her souring soulful voice puts beauty into the set, warming the growing audience. She even had a bit of a fan girl gush, throwing a Beyonce cover of Halo in to the set.

Have a listen to her here.

Big Scary

There was a bit of stage set up, with a few props appearing on four pillars spaced out across the stage representing a few significant items. There was a couple of glasses of bubbly – for celebration of finally getting back out there; a bottle of musicians moisturiser, suspiciously looking like lube??; hand sanitiser – … COVID…; and a pair of running shoes – apparently representing ambition!

The band are now back to the multi-instrumentalist duo of Tom (keys, guitar) and Jo (Drums, guitar), both sharing the vocals through the set. The live sound amps up their indie, synth pop sound with a little back and forth from an adoring crowd, giving a bit of a grown up dance party feel to the night.

The set was scattered with songs from the touring album, Daisy, released in 2021, but since then there has been a newer release, Me and You, that shared the set list. And just for the die-hards in the crowd, a few older releases like Luck Now and Opposite of Us got a huge reaction.

Check out Daisy or even Me and You. But get along to a live show for all the feels.

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