BOYSCLUB – Marrickville Bowlo

For over a year now, BOYSCLUB have been making a bit of a splash on the local scene and have been hitting the road with a swag of tunes. Tonight, they bring their brand of punk rock energy to the Marrickville Bowlo, supported by up and coming Sydneysiders The Nagging Doubts.

The Nagging Doubts

With a recent release under their belt, The Nagging Doubts seem completely unassuming on stage. Quietly spoken and without any fanfare, the young five piece made up of drums, bass, guitars and vocalist just get on with the job of making music and pleasing the masses.

The set is choc a bloc full of reverb soaked lo-fi tunes that take us from cruisey indie pop through to psychedelic shoe gaze. There seems to be a method in the set list, lulling the crowd into a Sunday afternoon chill vibe and then slowly launching into an almost acid induced maelstrom filled with swelling, looping, rhythms by the end of the set.

There is definitely a vibe here that pricks up the ears and demands a bit of attention, maybe a sense of seeing something big emerging. It certainly was picked up from an appreciative crowd in front of the stage – mostly that they are just happy that they can get up and have a bit of a jig to some great live music again.

Check out the unassuming sounds of the Nagging Doubts here – I’m pretty sure we will be hearing a lot more from them soon.


There is a definite change of pace as BOYSCLUB hits the stage. With a strong message in their work waving warning flags at misogyny, discrimination and bigotry; there is a definite fuck you! to the patriarchy in their tunes on offer. Dripping punk rock attitude, this four piece are drums, bass, guitars and vocals; and they want you to listen……and you should.

There were a few tech hiccups through the set – a bit of an incursion into the amps and PA from a radio station causing a little confusion and then a blown amp! – surely not connected. Even with a few stops and starts, from the moment the band swing into action, we are treated to an action packed true punk show. There is an ear assault of dirty, snarling, grungy bass prowling across the stage, blistering walls of guitar screaming out of the darkened corners of the stage, an absolute athletic pounding on the drumkit by Skarlett Saramore; and all brought together by Sera Doll out front, writhing across the stage, with vocals that were almost sneering in delivery.

There was some obvious links to bands like Hole in the sound and delivery (def not a bad thing), even topped off with an encore of Hole’s Doll Parts; but the band are finding their own special bit of chaos and attitude in their own work. All up, we were treated to a full tilt set of raw, unadulterated, grungy punk that left you wanting just a little more…..

Have a listen to their special brand of subversion here, but I recommend you get to a live gig to get your ears blown off and every sense assaulted – in the best possible way……

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