Yours Truly – Crowbar Sydney

Yours Truly have kicked off their long awaited (and delayed) east coast tour to promote their recent album release Self Care. I caught up with them for a couple of sold out seated shows at Crowbar in Sydney, supported by tour buddies Stuck Out.

See the full photo gallery at AMNplify.

Stuck Out

A good early turnout for these 5 lads with a straight up line up of drum, bass, guitars and vocals got the crowd squirming in their seats.

There was plenty of energetic bouncing around the stage to the sharp, chunky guitar driven pop punk with plenty of angst ridden vocals through their short set. They got the room warmed up on a cold night – nearly making up for the fact that we could only sit and listen – and yell (but not sing along – of course…COVID…duh).

Check out the Stuck Out frenzy yourself, here.

Yours Truly

By the time Yours Truly made their way through the crowd up to the stage, the Crowbar was packed. Drums, guitars and vocals (NO BASS!) make up this tight power pop foursome.

From the first power chord of the night, the room was filled with electricity. Soaring vocals, care of Mikaila Delgado, drove the tunes, closely followed by a twin guitar assault and pounding drums that led the set through a powerful melodic rollercoaster in classic pop punk style.

There was lots of energy on stage, playing to all sides of the room. There were even a few in-jokes breaking up the set, which brought the crowd closer to the band for sharing. Anthemic tune after tune brought on a few outbreaks of singing and dancing in the crowd – even if only for a mischievous little jig on the spot in short bursts. The set wound up with a big crowd reaction to their older release, High Hopes, which got a buzz on throughout the room before they left us with new album closer Heartsleeve.

Get your fill of the power pop punk action that is Yours Truly, here.

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