FUZZED! Vol. 1 – The Factory Floor

FUZZED! Vol.1 hits the intimate Factory Floor in Marrickville. Put together by the crew at Mad Fer It Promotions, this first volume showcased local Sydney acts Cosmic Flanders, Moody Beach and Florange.


Hailing from Sydney’s southern extremities, this 2 piece – made up of drums, guitar (plus a truckload of loops and effects) and hair…plenty of hair – started the fuzzy night off with a swirling storm.


Lots of guitar and effects loops beef up the sound, making it feel like there were more bodies with gear hiding in the dark corners of the stage. Not to be typecast into a single sound experience, the set jigs around from dark, swampy, tunes to psyched out garage; all the way through to a psychedelic, reggae infused, foggy minded highway journey – all littered with infectious hooks that keep your ears jangling.


Well worth a look – even just for the hair – so much hair. Check them out hair, I mean here.

Moody Beach

A change of fuzzy sounds brings Moody Beach onto the stage. Tonight playing as a 2 piece bass and guitar, with central band pivot Melissah Marie on bass and vocals; and controlling the rest of the band in a box.


The set is full of dreamy, moody, atmospheric pop. No bubble gum here though, with plenty of effects driven guitar, providing a glassy but sinister edge to the lush, sixties sounding, siren song vocals.

The act is mesmerising. Melissah Marie knows how to hold an audience. Songs are snippets of personal journeys and delivered in a sensual package of honesty that makes the crowd feel like they are part of the journey.


An act to be caught live, but sample her digital wares here.

Cosmic Flanders

For the first time in the night the stage is filled will people. Cosmic Flanders is a bunch of 5 blokes with plenty of guitars, bass, drums and even a bit of tambourine action.


The guitar assault is immediate, but songs swing from quaint spacey sounds, through to almost rock operatic levels – all heavily featuring guitar, noodle like, riffs. The set almost has that feel that you are sitting in on one big jam session. Was there fuzz – yes. Was there psych garage rock – maybe. But who cares, all you had to do was just close your eyes and let it wash over you – not really knowing what was going to come next.


See what all their eclectic fuss is all about here.

The Brown Note was expected tonight with an offering of the finest fuzz in Sydney; but instead we were just taken on a wild ride.

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