Skid Pan Alley – The Mosh Pit

Skid Pan Alley

Skid Pan Alley are a low-fi Sydney four piece made up of a gaggle of legendary songsters that have been tramping around the Australian music venue stages for years. Tonight the line up was a 3 piece made up of Dave Archer (Peg) on guitar, Lobsterman on drums and “Henry” (AKA ??) (The Unseen) on bass; they launch from the get go into a sweet epitome of low-fi, guitar driven songs.


The sound is definitely rooted from the 90’s with stories of life experience in gritty town – very Lobsterman style. Songs are catchy, quirky, short and pointy. They have a definite beginning, a bit of a middle and usually a short stopped end.


They are not here to change the world, but just to make your evening a little happier – and they did. The band are currently touring around to expose themselves, in the nicest possible way, to as many venues as they can. And with a new album on the way – soon to be launched – well worth catching if you want to go back to simpler times when life was all about heading into the nearest small bar with a band and having a listen. Check out some of their past antics here.

Peter Fenton

Peter Fenton stepped in to this gig for a solo plus keyboard performance. Peter was on acoustic guitar tonight and belted out his usual sultry brand of male siren songs, in only the way that he can.


Tonight we even had a special guest appearance by John Fenton who joined him on drums for a more than gutsy version of Crow’s Halo, which was much appreciated by the crowd

The gig tonight maintained tonight that Peter is still a performer in his own right, and his songs are all delivered with heartfelt passion, using every part of his body and facial expressions, bringing the audience along for the ride, mesmerised on every tune.

Don’t even ask about the Brown Note at this gig.

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