The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever – Sydney Park, St Peters

On a crisp sunny Sydney winter day, hoards of red frocked Kate Bush fans flock into Sydney Park in St Peters to whirl and spin over those wily, windy moors to the 70’s classic Wuthering Heights under the old brickworks chimneys.

The July 14 annual event, now national, has become an inner west institution; but this year is special, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of the song and Kate’s 60th birthday.


After a monumental organising effort, the “Kates” or “Wutherers” formed up into a semblance of order, and after a couple of rehearsals, they Wuthered, to the story of Heathcliff and Cathy, much to the delight of a gathering crowd and passing dog walkers, joggers and tourists.


There were red frocks, there were black wigs; and there was much arm windmilling and flapping (or teradactal….ing??). But of course it was all about Kate Bush blasting out Wuthering Heights.


Was there a Brown Note? – some of the passing dogs thought so, but of course all the notes were red.

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