DZ Deathrays – Metro Theatre

DZ Deathrays are taking their punk fest on tour in a bunch of all ages gigs to launch their Bloody Lovely album with Clowns, These New South Whales and Boat Show. I managed to get along to a packed mid week all ages gig at the Metro to check them out.


This Melbourne five piece did not muck around. Straight into some no nonsense pedal to the metal thrashy punk rock in a direct assault to every sense.


Flaunting enough hair to put Cousin IT to shame; it was well and truly flung about. There was plenty of attitude from the whole crew; led by front man Stevie, relentlessly launching over the barriers into the mosh pit to the young crowd’s delight; and freaking out the mob of bouncers patrolling the barriers.

Still plenty of action back on the stage as the rest of the band thrashed and writhed away solidly pumping out energy and action packed tune after tune like a relentless machine.

Definitely a band to see, even if its just for the ear shattering experience on stage and instant crowd eruption into a frenzy.

There were shades of the Brown Note, so who knows what was happening at the bottom of that mosh pit!

DZ Deathrays

DZ Deathrays popped out of the darkness into a packed Metro theatre full of heaving sweaty youth.

Like a well oiled machine it was straight into it. Well rehearsed, it felt more like a festival stadium show than a band room show. There were enough strobing strip lights flashing around the stage to hospitalise a whole squadron of epileptics.

From the start, the whole dance floor turned into a sea of mosh, with little sub eddies forming across the room. There was a bit of crowd surfing, some boisterous jostling and even a couple of whirlpools swirling in a sea of t-shirts and shorts.


The band pushed out anthemic tune after anthemic tune with lots of encouragement from the crowd and plenty of hard guitar to thrash around to.

There was lots of singing along to well known song lyrics from the enthusiastic crowd, making the sound difficult to get anywhere near a Brown Note tonight.

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