The Return of the Johnnys – Marrickville Bowlo

Tonight the Marrickville Bowlo hosts a night of drunken nostalgia peppered with the stench of oldey timey reunions. Lashes of local (mature age) punk was lead by the cow punk cowpokes themselves, The Johnnys.

The Four Stooges

What more can you say other than all Stooges, all day. Wall to wall Detroit sounds, complete with blood soaked commitment from a match fit front man. Tonight its 4 stooges + a punk sax player to complete your 1970’s punk experience.
No more to say except for “Play some fucking Stooges”.


The Johnnys

Sauntering out on stage with big hats all round, The Johnnys turned up straight out of the eighties. Complete with beer fridge on stage (and why the hell not?) there was only one thing missing – legendary front man Spencer P Jones.


Launching into a lolly bag full of hits, vocal duties were picked up tonight by bass guitarist Hoody who gave as good as he got. Sure, there seemed to be something missing without Spence and that country twang voice and guitar, but all the basics were more than there to rev up the crowd.

By the end of the night there were plenty of beer soaked veteran punters doing their fair share of senior moshing in front of the stage.

The Brown Note did make an effort to appear in a build up to the final notes of the gig, but alas, it just didn’t quite make it.

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