Underground Lovers – Oxford Art Factory

Tonight at the Oxford Art Factory is the long awaited return of 90’s Melbourne legends the Underground Lovers finishing off their Every Sign tour. The venue was full of long time fans (yep, that means older) taking advantage of one of the all too infrequent Sydney visits by the band.

They started off their 2 part show tonight with a cut down electronica version of the band. Front man Vince sucks down a quick ciggie offered from the audience to calm the nerves (causing a mild panic with the bouncers) as they warmed us up with a few old favourites from Rushall Station and Leaves me Blind. And the crowd lapped it up.


A short wait and the full band appear and launch into Every sign, filling the room with that swirling, noisy, indie sound that has the whole crowd moving with the infectious and hypnotic, rolling beat. From there, the tunes just kept coming, delivered with passion and received with lots of appreciation.  A couple of technical hitches slowed down the atmosphere for a second, but like the experienced hands that they are, it was back to the business of getting the crowd moving.

By the end of the night the whole crowd was dancing, from the stage to the bar and all the way to the merch desk.

What about that Brown Note? Much too control for that sort of stuff.

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