The Scientists – Factory Theatre

Another reformation gig at the Factory Theatre tonight with The Scientists celebrating the Blood Red River lineup of 35 years ago.

Quietly sneaking onto the stage and then proceeding to not so quietly punish his guitar with overdriven and fuzzy everything, Tony Thewlis announced the start of the show. Suitably forewarned, the rest of the band joined Tony and started to pump out the swampy, psych rock, starting with a charged up and noisy rendition of Revhead.


The scene was set from there as the noisy tortured guitars and equally tortured screams of Kim Salmon pumped out one swampy tune after another, all driven by the primal beats and engine room of a prowling Boris Sujdovic on bass and an unflinching Leanne Cowie on drums.

A crowd (and personal) favourite of the night was Swampland, launched into by an emotional pounding bass line that only Boris Sujdovic could pump out. This was definitely the Scientists that Sydney remembered.

Was there a Brown Note in all that swamp? I think that Boris was working hard at it, fuzz and all, but the interruption of piercing guitars broke the sequence.

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