PEG – Lazybones Lounge

Tonight offers up a feast of 90’s musical gems at lazybones lounge. The mixed crowd was transported to “back in the day” with PEG, The Templebears and Lobsterman Unseen.

Lobsterman Unseen

The ever rascally Lobster has brought back together a lineup from the early 90s to play Volume 3 of his plank of catalogue. Swinging from laconic stories to lilting instrumentals, this version of Lobsterman has a gypsy  feel to it, with a violin vocalising and driving the tunes front and centre.


The punters are taken on a curated journey through the life of Lobster as only he can direct; before being plonked unceremoniously back into the Lazybones lounge ready for the next instalment.

While the brown note lurks in the corners of Lobsters story songs, it was really only visible in some of the punters walking around the joint.

The Templebears

The Templebears came on stage with all the regalia of a 90’s three piece. Songs were catchy, songs were poppy, songs had that little bit of grit that you just can’t get out of your undies after a visit to the beach. The band and crowd was transported back 25 years to the heady days when all you needed was a solid drum beat and bass line, topped off by an understated guitar with a bit of dirt; and a bucket of jangle to set the scene for a lamenting tale.

Their tunes got heads nodding, their tunes got feet tapping. There was even a brief moment of dancing at the front of the stage.


Brown notes? They were still walking around the crowd.


PEG topped the night off with their offbeat and passion filled songs bouncing along to the melodic and jazz like strains of guitar and vocals that made you sit up and listen.

Powering through their set, there were a couple of hiccups, which gave some humanity to the sometimes clinical precision of the raft of timing changes and discordant (but in a good way) notes. A cracking set, with revellers getting closer to the stage and busting a few moves under the influence of a bit of Dutch courage.


Where was that brown note?……..still walking around I think…..

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