Last Train – Auster Club (Berlin)

The Auster Club is entered through a hidden doorway by entering a large market hall. There is no entry from the street. The doorway leads down a narrow hallway and then down two flights of stairs to a dark bunker. There is a small bar along one wall of the intimate room with the small stage making up the other end of the room

A low brick ceiling provides perfect soundproofing for the small venue.

Colt Silvers

Colt Silvers

First up is Colt Silvers, a French troupe armed with guitars drums and keys. These guys are all about the dance. Funky rhythms and lots of head wagging and dancing about on stage as well as through the crowd.

No brown notes here, but there must have been some bowel dancing happening on the dance floor from the painted expressions on faces.

Last Train

Last Train

There is black leather and hoodies for these four young French lads who are Last Train. With classical walk on music to add to the atmosphere, these guys rip into some heavy guitar rock. Its all about the rock style with front man clad in black leather jacket and the rest of the band all in matching black t-shirts & tight jeans, so there is no mistaking who to focus attention on. They play their hearts out, and play well, making their heroes of Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stoneage proud; but there is no mistaking that these guys rehearse in front of a large mirror to get the posturing just right.

As far as brown notes – not really, but I did feel a little queasy.

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