Nurse with Wound – Sophienkirche (Berlin)

Tonight’s show is at Sophienkircke, a 300 year old protestant church in Mitte. There is a full compliment for service tonight with packed pews and an alter covered with technology and sound props. Behind this, a huge screen has been set up for projected images.

Nurse with Wound

To say that Nurse with Wound are experimental is an understatement. Led by British musician Steven Stapleton, their live performances are notorious for being unique, no two shows are ever the same.

The show starts with a serene church organ lulling everyone into a false sense of security as the lights dim. Images flash up on the screen accompanied by sounds sweeping from ambient, whispered chanting to tribal rhythms, to anarchic trance, feedback and white noise. The show continued with no real discernible breaks in a swelling cacophony of a one and a quarter hour jam session.

Everything was used as an instrument, from sticks swiping and banging on microphones and bottles through to sheets of paper being shredded, then wrapped around microphones, crumpled up and then eaten.

Nurse with Wound

The soundscape covered every range including a low throbbing growling descending to potential brown, but it was deviated by the squeaks and squeals of a duck caller.

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