Berlin – Mauerpark Amphitheatre

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, pretty much all of Berlin heads to the Mauerpark, essentially a section of the no-mans land that made up part of the Berlin wall, to stroll through the massive flea markets, wander through the patchy grassy areas clutching a half litre of beer in one hand and a wurst im brot in the other, collecting at a stone amphitheatre for an afternoon and evening of Bear Pit Karaoke.

Bearpit Karaoke

Anyone brave enough to get up in front of the hundreds of people in the amphitheatre (and the surrounding thousands) can have a go. There was confident young men springing handstands, some shouted acapella, disco queens, rock gods and a local favourite, a homeless man nailing ‘I did it my way’ in German – all strutting their stuff in the sunshine.

Highlight of the day was a young heavily pregnant Finnish woman rocking out Bohemian Rhapsody, complete with choreography.

There were blue notes, red notes, yellow notes and even pink notes, but the only thing brown were singers trousers, giving it their all.

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