The Iron Maidens – Manning Bar

The Iron Maidens finally got to steam ahead with their pandemic postponed Australian tour. Hopping over from southern California to metal up our shores, I was able to catch the world renowned all female Iron Maiden tribute act at Sydney’s Manning Bar, for a night of spine tingling metal mayhem. Joining the Maidens on their Aus tour was local Motorhead fanatics, Motorized.


These three fine gents take their Motorhead seriously. Black clad, grimace laden and with only one thing on their minds – thumping, pumping, ear blasting Motorhead.

The set was end to end Motorhead classics, all frenetic and ridiculously loud double kick and bass guitar assault. The vocals, true to form, were like a bubbling gravel pit punctuated by cheese grater guitar swipes.

Check out their version of Ace of Spades, here

The Iron Maidens

There was no mistaking that we were going to get a full Iron Maiden experience by just a glance at the stage. Ghouls, severed heads and lots of fluoro on black was the backdrop for the show.

A walk on to a cheering crowd, the band immediately got into the Iron Maiden zone, kicking off the show with 2 Minutes to Midnight and owning every second of it.

There was lots of heavy metal guitar hero posturing from the twin guitar assault of Nikki Stringfield and Jimena Fosado (joining for this tour); bass player Wanda Ortiz wielded her axe like a weapon, while powerhouse drummer Linda McDonald smashed the beejeezuz out of the skins. Lead vocals Kirsten Rosenberg made it her personal mission to rev up the crowd with soaring vocals and plenty of banter.

All the hits came out, The Trooper had Rosenburg come out in a trooper outfit and doing a bit of flag waving, Fear of the Dark hit an impromptu singalong by the crowd; and The Number of the Beast got a visit by the devil running rampant across the stage.

The night wound up with a cracking encore of Aces High and the unstoppable Run to the Hills to a sea of upraised devil horns across the crowd.

Experience a little bit of their act here.

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