Salarymen – Marrickville Bowlo

Salarymen are celebrating the launch of their new EP Head in the Sand, with a NSW & Vic tour. I caught the first night of the tour at Marrickville Bowlo with supports Jet City Sports Club and Liquid Zoo

Liquid Zoo

A young five piece, these guys tore up The Bowlo stage with their groove ridden, bluesy rock. There was more than a little Stone’s influence in the boisterous set; with front man jumping jack flashing around the stage and into the crowd.

Lots of energy and plenty of catchy tunes through the set; with plenty of fans in the crowd jumping along with band.

Check them out here.

Jet City Sports Club

Another young band from Sydney, Jet City Sports Club have been racking up the gig count and working hard recording and flinging the indie pop/rock to their fans.

A four piece with some dreamy, glassy guitar sounds underlain by a solid rhythm section and silky smooth vocals; their set was full of bouncy tuneful numbers. The sonic, reverb drenched guitars set up a bit of dreamscape with a little dirt around the edges.

See what they’re all about here.


Playing as a five piece tonight with newly added keyboard, it was definitely time for some summery, indie-pop with Salarymen’s sweet bouncy sounds.

The crowd was keen for a bit of jig to the very danceable 60’s influenced tunes through the set; with faves from the new EP going to All in Vain and Young Guns with its call and response vocals between core band duo Thom Eagleton and Renée de la Motte. There was even a cover of Hole’s Malibu to round out the set.

But it wasn’t all dancing and sweet tunes, there was also a bit of chicanery and tom foolery when the band brought out a huge slingshot to launch some merch from the stage – and the crowd loved it!

Have a look at their latest here, but if you’re quick you can catch the tour.

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