CLEWS – Lansdowne Hotel

CLEWS are on the road to celebrate the release of their new single Everything is Heavy. I was lucky enough to catch their first show at the Lansdowne in Sydney with supports Lola Scott and 90ivy.

You can see the full photo gallery shot for ANMplify, here.


First up tonight was 90ivy, sent to brighten up our night with their infectious, smooth, summery pop tunes. They have two dreamy effects laden guitars up front, with bass and drums driving along the tunes; all topped off with some sweet bouncy vocals – with a few hidden barbs if you listen close.

The room filled up super fast as soon as the band came on stage, with lots of punters keen to catch the first act of the night and have a bit of a dance. A little nod to the bands growing popularity.

Check out a sample of their infectious pop here and catch an intimate show soon, before they are launched into the bigger venues.

Lola Scott

Playing with a real live drummer and more of the band in a box, Lola Scott makes the stage her own. Sporting a classical guitar and the odd bit of synth keys to add a little more live to her set, it’s really her vocals that shine through her indie pop sound.

The set was full of very danceable numbers, with plenty of bouncing going on in the crowd and even a little on the stage. Her songs touch on life and relationships; beats swinging from an almost Latin undercurrent to staccato rap. There was even a bit of riot grrl as Lola strapped on a distorted guitar for her final chaotic number.

Sample some of her indie groove here.


Lots of anticipation from the packed crowd tonight as the walk on music starts up and the stage is pumped full of smoke. Playing with a full band for this tour; drum and bass hit the stage to strap themselves into position through the thickening gloom before sisters Lily and Grace sneak on, strap on guitars and strike a pose.

From the start of the set – with a dramatic version of Overluck – there was an almost audible ripple of joy across the crowd. A bit of crowd singing, lots of bobbing and dancing; and by the end of the set – a bucket load of sweat from the rising temperature in the room.

The first break in the set for a bit of banter was reserved for a chat to introduce break up song and new single, Everything is Heavy. From then on it was all jangly, indie guitar and sweet harmonies – the CLEWS signature sound.

There was even a couple of enthusiastic excursions through the crowd by Lily; a few more breathless breathers for some sweaty banter; and then a big set wrap up to plenty of crowd appreciation with Crushed, showing off more than just a little scorching guitar.

Give your ears a little treat and have a listen to Everything is Heavy, here.

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