DOWNGIRL – Marrickville Bowlo

DOWNGIRL got to bring their high octane set of mayhem to their home turf at Marrickville Bowlo. Warming up the crowd tonight was local bands The Shrugs and Lariska.


I only managed to catch the last song of Lariska’s set, but this four piece looked like they were up to have some fun on stage. There was already a bit of a growing crowd having a dance to their jangly, pop guitar sound.

Sample some of their sound here. One to look out for in future shows.

The Shrugs

The Shrugs are a four piece that have been around for a couple of years now. Sporting guitar, bass, drums and vocals; they could have popped straight out of a time machine from the 90s, playing a fuzzy guitar, indie set.

There were shades of pop punk classic riffs and plenty of little hooks with more than a discrete nod to bands like The Clouds, The Fauves and maybe even a little Screamfeeder.

Have a listen to their latest catchy tune, Shoebox, here.


And now for something completely different. DOWNGIRL shuffled onto the stage, but even the shuffle was more of a strut. From the frizzling (OK, I made that word up) start of the power packed set, it was immediately all about rock glitz, glam and sex on a stick.

A four piece with guitars, bass and windmilling arms thumping on drums (care of Skarlett Saramore), they pumped out non-stop, femme punk infused rock; slamming together glam rock, punk and grunge into an incendiary stage show that demanded all of your attention. There was even a ridiculously heavy version of These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ that just worked.

The ROCK dripped off the stage and infected the room, every song in the set straining the Bowlo floorboards as the crowd bounced through the set, yelling for more.

Check out their first release, Beauty Queen, here, but really, you need to see them LIVE.

And what about the Brown Note – triumphant returns for 2022 as the gigs get more insane.

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