Grindhouse – Marrickville Bowlo

Melbourne’s sex fuelled, V6 rock misfits, Grindhouse have floored it up to Sydney on their East Coast tour to promote their latest album, Sex Punk Power. Joining them tonight at the Marrickville Bowlo are the resurging Wollongongites Rockafella and Sydney’s space obsessed Jupiter 5.

Jupiter 5

Jupiter 5 are five blokes with drums, bass, guitars and vocals; slinging out a fuzz laden guitar frenzy.

There was a definite ring of 60’s and 70’s Detroit based punk rock to the set tonight. The driving bass had a psych-punk groove and guitars popped in and out of screaming riff-o-mania and freight train thumping speed. Top it all off with a wailing front vocal and cranked amps and the crowd got a one way trip to Pismo Beach.

Crank up their latest release here.


Originally from Wollongong in the early 2000’s, Rockafella has finally come back together for a bunch of shows after dispersing themselves across the country over the last 16 years. Here is another bunch of five blokes with drums, bass, guitars and vocals that just stepped up to the stage with an intent to play some full tilt, pedal to the metal rock and rock.

There was a touch of fuzz, plenty of driving rock and more than a nod to 70’s punk sounds all through the ear splitting set. On stage there was lots of mooovin, guitar posturing and more than a tad of stage prowling to ramp up the frenzy.

The heavy guitar sound dominated the snappy, tight set of cranking rock; with a few dirgy slower numbers thrown in for a breather. Song breaks were dominated by a bit of stage banter by front man Mick, mainly revolving around getting pissed and more pissed and even a love song about getting pissed.

Try a little Rockafella sample here.


There was a little bit of a breather before Grindhouse hit the stage, but when they did, they hit like a runaway Melbourne tram. This four piece with a straight rock set up, cranked the amps and started rattling the ceiling tiles.

Mixing it up tonight with songs from their recent release and past albums, they started the show with a screaming, full tilt version of Peter Brock Built my Hotrod, and then shit went sideways with thrashing song after thrashing song. There were numbers about sex, drugs, cars and Dapto – all blasted out at a million miles an hour.

A little bit of banter between songs was the breath catcher and then back to the aural onslaught. We were even given a bit of a choice in the run up to the end of the set between a couple of new songs or “seven old dirty shit songs” – the seven won out and they drove the night home with a cranking mini set of older tunes for a frenzied finish.

Check out the frenzy of Grindhouse’s latest here

Brown Note, oh Brown Note, was that you all over the front of the stage?

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