Moody Beach – The Vanguard

Moody Beach graces The Vanguard in Newtown in the middle of her tour for her freshly released single, “Why Not“. Joining her on the big cabaret stage tonight is local Sydney artist ELKI.

Full photo gallery for the night is at AMNplify.


ELKI pops up on stage with a cracking voice and her troupe of bass, drum and guitar. Playing as a four piece tonight with some musical chops to the band, there is plenty of banter and crowd encouragement to come up to the front and get the night started.

With a set full of trippy groove, a twang of surf pop guitar and lots of interaction with the crowd, the band even got a bit of enthusiasm on the dance floor going. There was plenty of guitar lickin, hand clapping, finger clickin and a voice that could blow the cobwebs out of 2020. We even saw the best use of melodic raspberry blowin that I have ever seen (have I ever seen?).

Check out their bit of bright, fun packed melody here and see what YOU think.

Moody Beach

Tonight we get the full Moody Beach experience, full band, full body, full sound. Playing as a five piece tonight, with drums, bass, guitars, keys/saxophone and sultry vocals. After a bit of live intro music, Melissah Mirage emerges from the back of the venue through the sold out crowd to the front of the stage.

The band is colour coordinated – all in black and leather to start the show with a few familiar tunes that have been drip fed to fans over the last year or so. And all the while, fixing all attention to the centre of the stage, Melissah sways, swings and entices with some dreamy vocals while picking up the bass for the occasional tune. There was even a saucy cover of Blondie’s Hanging on the Telephone.

A bit of a surprise intermission sees the whole band disappear, to pop back up on stage after a coordinated costume change, this time all in white and spangles. Part 2 of the set is dominated with a whole bunch of new, unreleased material as a special treat…and maybe a test? There is plenty of dreamy, MOODY atmospheric pop; driving bass, soaring fuzz guitar and a touch of sleazy sax to top off the night.

Have a taste of Moody Beach’s offerings here.

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