Little Quirks – Waywards (The Bank Hotel)

Little Quirks are taking advantage of gigs coming BACK! and celebrating the release of their latest single “Someone to Hold”, by heading out on tour. Tonight I got to catch them at Waywards in the Bank Hotel, Newtown supported by their mates Lachlan Edwards and Sam Marks.

You can find the full photo gallery shot for AMNplify, here.

Sam Marks

First up tonight was Sydney based indie artist Sam Marks. Tonight, it was just Sam on acoustic guitar and a stomp box, joined by his mate Cameron on percussion box to give us some stripped back versions of his tunes.

In what he claimed was one of his first “originals” gig, Sam gave us a bunch of his tunes with a few lo-fi covers scattered in amongst them to fill out his set. This stripped back acoustic set was more about his voice and guitar vibe; transporting the inner city venue into a cruisy, chilled space with his breezy tunes; venturing to the edge of indie meets groovy reggae. Perfect for sitting on a beach with a refreshing beverage.

Check out his latest, lush indie track “Tend to Yourself“, here.

Lachlan Edwards

Lachlan Edwards is a young singer-songwriter hailing originally from Newcastle. Quietly spoken and completely unassuming, he sneaks onto the stage and starts strumming his acoustic guitar. Playing as a solo act, Lachlan holds the stage with the confidence of a seasoned performer.

His songs are full of passion, and you can hear the anguish in a voice full of feeling; with more lo-fi tunes filling the room, sending out a very relaxed indie-folk vibe.

Check out his chill tunes here.

Little Quirks

Time for a little change of pace and a more crowded stage as Little Quirks fire up their set. A young family band from NSW’s Central Coast, made up of a core of 2 sisters (vocals/guitar and drums) and a cousin (vocals/mandolin). They are joined tonight by a couple more family members on noisy guitar and bass.

From the moment that they stepped out on stage, we knew we were in for a bit of a treat. With bags of energy and what seemed like a crack of excitement from the band, there was plenty of colour and movement on stage. Banter was plentiful between songs, with a bit of a competition on who could tell the most embarrassing story about each other – in a way that only a close knit family could do.

The set was filled with catchy tunes that demanded feet to start a’tappin and for the more adventurous, even launch into a bit of a jig. Vocal harmonies approached angelic, and their driving folk pop gave more than a subtle hint to influences such as Mumford and Sons. There were a few nods to their fave artists with a cover of the Cranberries “Dreams” and the Joan Jett version of “Crimson and Clover“. There was even a cracking and full tilt little tribute foray into “She’s the One” by the Cockroaches, much to the surprise & delight of Paul Field who was looking on from the sideline.

All through the set there were on and off stage antics, with vocalist Abbey making full use of her wireless guitar set up to charge through the crowd and around the venue – causing a little bit of chaos. On stage there was a fair bit of play, with an energy powerhouse on drums, complete with wind milling arms and hair flinging; and rock n roll leaps and thrashing instruments from the rest of the band.

Sample their very own brand of a family that plays together here, but pull out all the stops and catch a live intimate gig while you still can.

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