Frankie’s Pizza’s 8th Birthday

Sunday night mayhem returns to the Sydney music scene when Frankie’s Pizza celebrates their 8th birthday with a head bangin’ cluster of rock to blow your COVID away. Tonight I caught up with Avalanche, Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams and Astrodeath; a few of the bands gracing the noisy corner of Frankie’s band room.


New kids on the block, this four piece will satisfy any thirst for a bit of hard rockin, whisky fuelled, good old loud guitar.

With more than a subtle nod to hard pub rockin greats like AC/DC; there were bare chests, lots of flailing hair; and even a couple of guitar solo dashes through the crowd, table top hopping the riffs away.

Check out their latest release GET BACK (TO FU@!WIT CITY) here.

Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams

A quick change of pace and the boys in white come out from behind the red velvet curtain with a fist full of thrusty bangers. Rick Dangerous and his four Silkie Bantams immediately start the stage gyrations, playing up to the now well lubricated crowd.

Armed with a set full of high energy thrustcore numbers (yep thrustcore) complete with satire, plenty of thrusting crotch and flailing arms, an angry guitar and even angrier vocals, spitting vitriol with tongues firmly thrust into cheeks.

Meet the mayhem yourself here.


Another change of pace brings the local masters of sludge grunge to the dark stage. Astrodeath demand attention, the drum and guitar duo playing at a million decibels, weaving that sludge worm deep into the core of your brain.

Shaking the underground bunker bandroom to its core, the set was relentless – driving slowcore guitar and smashing drums, like a tsunami of sound barely letting you take a breath – but in a good way.

Assault your ears with the sounds of Astrodeath here.

There was more to come, with the melting metal of Flaming Wrekage to complete the night, but after that line up, the Brown Note was definitely calling – so………..….mic drop.

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