The Cosmic Psychos – Lansdowne Hotel

An early Sunday arvo matinee gig today at the Lansdowne at Broadway with the Cosmic Psychos supported by Amyl and the Sniffers and SCABZ


“We’re SCABZ, the shittest band in Newtown”. That’s the opening proclamation as this local Newtown 3 piece rip into some tight 70’s influenced poppy punk tunes.


Not only are they not the shittest band, but they are one of the most refreshing and entertaining acts around at the moment.  Their tunes are short, fast, catchy and have a story to tell, with a very Oz tongue in cheek playfulness, complete with some great set up banter between songs.

The drum, bass and guitar combo all play their part, not overplaying but working together like a well oiled machine. Vocals and guitar lead the stories, sung with no pretence, making the crowd feel in on the story. What you see is what you get and what you get is good.

Brown – no shit

Amyl and the Sniffers

Another Melbourne band taking the scene by storm is Amyl and the Sniffers. Looking like they have stepped straight out of a 70’s Rose Tattoo film clip, their sharpie, raucous, buzz punk relentlessly attacks and captivates.


Songs are loud and fast stories of daily suburban life with a bluesy undertone and mean business. Drum, bass and guitar are all there to support the vocals and bouncing around the stage antics of Amyl’s vocal power pack. With a voice that sometimes conjures up a Chrissie Amphlett like growl, the songs become a little more menacing and demand attention.

There were a few songs where the full tilt buzz saw bass and guitar played around with brown notes, but nothing.

Cosmic Psychos

The ever grounded Cosmic Psychos continue their “Better in the Shed” Tour tonight. Pumping out the driving garage psych punk since the late 70’s, they don’t disappoint. Within moments of starting, the front half of the venue is filled with a heaving, moshing mass of people. Amps all set to 11, and ratings for the vocals all set to R18+, they pump out song after driving song.


The obligatory crowd surfing and moshing continues for the whole set, punters sweaty, covered in beer and exhausted; even the ceiling is dripping – the sign of a great night.

For a band that don’t take themselves too seriously they rip through the set list like they’ve done it a million times, and it must be close to that over the years.

The onslaught must have had a brown note or two in there – maybe that’s why the ceiling was dripping.

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