Radio Birdman – Factory Theatre

Fresh off the back of a massive European tour, Radio Birdman hit the home shores to a couple of packed gigs and a sold out Sydney show. Welcoming them home were The Dark Clouds and Mick Medew and the Mesmerisers.

The Dark Clouds

This Wollongong based 4 piece (wannabe 5 piece?) landed on the Factory stage with a splat. No nonsense four to the floor rock. Self described as proto punk, there is more than a little love of detroit punk rock and fast meaty cars – all done in a distinctly aussie flavour.


There’s plenty of show on stage, with guitars, beards and…overalls. Check out their offerings here.

Mick Medew and the Mesmerisers

Long time Australian indie music legend Mick Medew (well remembered from the Screaming Tribesmen) is back on the road with his current band The Mesmerisers. Tonight was a treat into a time tunnel that most of the crowd were still travelling down.


Still solidly planted with that unmistakable voice and indie, hook laden, power-pop sound, the set featured a new originals, old Tribesman originals like Igloo and Date with a Vampire Girl; as well as a scattering of classic covers featuring Another Girl Another Planet, Teenage Kicks and Paint it Black.

Their new release “Open Season” is out on i-94 bar records, sample it here & then buy it.

Radio Birdman

Strolling onto the stage like they had just conquered Europe, this now established new incarnation of Australian punk legends Radio Birdman, slip into performance mode & crank straight through the set. No nonsense, just a pure wall of Birdman.


The veteran crowd was moving (some more than others), but without the heaving manic mosh and flailing of bodies of times past. Maybe it’s a sign of the times …….and ageing joints.

Sweat laden, they swooshed off stage for a while at the end of the set to replenish after a hard workout. They were coaxed back on after much enthusiasm & fans were treated with an encore of Kick out the Jams and the much shouted for – New Race.

FactoryTheatre_Birdman7Was there a Brown Note? – there was certainly a sweaty note on stage.


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